Wednesday, November 20, 2013


There aren't a lot of things that I like about Winter in New Hampshire. But I do enjoy all the cute accessories that come with the chilly time of year.

I'm loving these adorable Sweater Knit Gloves from Old Navy. They come in a bunch of different colors, but the winter white hue is my favorite. Why? Because it has some bling on it that says "brrrr".

I don't know why I think they're so cute, but I'm honestly obsessed with them! I've always loved fingerless gloves (I can even type blog posts while wearing them!), and they're amazingly comfortable.

Each pair is a mere $2.50. Grab a pair for yourself, and get a few for your fashionable friends while you're t it!


Anonymous said...

I remember when your mom started wearing these 15 years ago and they were impossible to find! She used to have people knit them for her, because she wouldn't wear anything else, and still doesn't. She was always kind of "cutting-edge", and a few steps ahead in fashion and other things. But, yes, these fingerless gloves and mittens, along with SO MANY other cute accessories for winter are great! I saw the cutest beanie, that has a hole and button in the back, so you can just put on hat and button below your ponytail, instead of pulling hair through hole and making it messy! That way, cute hair accessories show....that was at The Grommet.

Alana said...

You seem to know a lot about my mom! Glad you are such an avid reader! And yes, she did start the trend, and I'm glad she did because all the Winter accessories are super cute now. :)

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I have been a longtime reader.....I even watched a TV show you had called, Alana's Sassy Shack and still catch it in reruns sometimes. You usually did a funny, "Family segment" in each episode, so I guess that's how I know so much. Also, I guess you don't realize how often you have mentioned her over your years of writing. Early on, a lot of your articles were about people you knew and their clothing and accessories. Now, since we have had SO MANY advancements in technology, you have been able to have access to fashion and beauty across the world! But you still mention your mom quite a bit.....and I think that's nice.

Alana said...

Well, my mom is pretty fashion-forward...probably where I get it from! :)

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