Monday, January 6, 2014

That's a lot of Underwear...

No one likes doing laundry (except for my mother, who most certainly did not pass along that trait to me).  In fact, I probably hate it more than anyone, which is one of the many reasons I own quite a stack 'o undies myself. I've even brag about how I could get by without doing laundry for months at a time, since I own so many pairs...But clearly I am not the queen of all things panty-related, as I used to believe.

The picture above is real. MeUndies, a lovely online undergarment retailer, has taken on the ultimate challenge and is selling The 365-Pack. It includes--you guessed it--365 pairs of underwear. You can literally wear a different pair of underwear every single day of the year.

The site sells this heavenly heap of undergarments for women and men (both come in the "brief" cut), so this is really a great idea for couples. Honestly, I wish I knew about this before Christmas. I can't think of anyone who wouldn't enjoy the gift of an enormous stack of undies. One of my best friends is getting married in May. A set for the bride and a set for the groom? It's the perfect wedding gift if you ask me. Sorry, Heather--if you wanted that cute kitchenware on your registry, you won't be getting it from me!

Now I know what you're thinking--the quality of a huge panty-pile must not be very great. Well, according to every review I've read, they sound crazily comfy, luxurious, and even look totally adorable. IN FACT, the company was nice enough to create this graphic that explains why their briefs are "The Best Undies In The World":

Click for larger image

Here's a brief rundown of the briefs (hahahaha oh I'm so hilarious):

  • 92% Modal, 8% Elasthane
  • 100% Natural from indigenous beech wood
  • Antimicrobial
  • Low fiber rigidity
  • Made in Turkey     

Sounds pretty good, right? One pair of women's briefs are $20. The 365 set is $4,000. So that ends up being a little over $18 per pair. For some reason, then men's briefs are a little cheaper.

Either way, you're paying for convenience. And if your New Years resolution was to wear clean underwear everyday (or if you just like to do that in general), it's not a bad idea.

The only thing that would make it better? If they sold lifetime subscriptions.


Anonymous said...

Alana, I never liked doing laundry! I just always did it because I wanted to be sure that everyone had clean clothes, towels, sheets....etc. Believe me when I say that all those times you and/or your sister would approach me at 11:00 at night and said, "I forgot, but I need to wear this tomorrow", I did not think that Christmas had come early that year! haha. I would like to mention that most of the men's underwear has changed and become, "unisex", so now when I shop for it, I have to check the package to see if it says, "workable fly"! Your father found this out in a really, "confused moment of panic", while at work one day, and I still think it's why they changed the plaque on his office door to, "OPERATIONS MANAGER"! But, that said, I never enjoyed doing laundry, I just did it. WHY?, "Because we like you". quote, "Mr. Rogers Neighborhood". love you, mom

Alana said...

hahaha okay. Well, thank you regardless. <3

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