Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Who DOESN'T Need a Bra Bag?!

As a belated Christmas gift, I received the thing I wanted most in the world, and I didn't even know it existed!

It was a gorgeous travel bra bag. Bra bags are apparently all the rage right now and it makes sense. Basically the bags are exactly what they sound like--you use them to keep your bras safe during travel. And the bonus is that there are oodles of adorable designs out there.

This super cute Pink Polka Dot Bra Bag,built much like mine, even includes little mesh pockets inside for panties, jewelry, or any other small accessories you want to throw in with your bras. The case itself is hard, so your bras won't get damaged no matter what. Each case holds roughly 2-3 bras, depending on their size.

Not only are these bags perfecto for their intended use, I also highly suggest using them as an evening clutch. Think about it: you're wearing a classy LBD, with some lovely peep-toe heels, a strand of pearls, and a bag that's shaped like a bra. I think it's a hilarious idea, a great conversation starter, and a fantastic alternative to all of the boring clutches that are out there. I for one know that I'll be using my bra bag quite a few times when I feel like a fun night out on the town.

Be bold! Carry a bra bag!

Each bag is priced anywhere from $14-$50. It really depends on what you're looking for, but the options are endless!


Anonymous said...

Haha! I would love to see the look on a bartenter's face, as you walk in so elegantly dressed, head held high, and put that down on the counter, as you take a seat and say, "Scotch on the rocks, please". Pretty funny! Pretty useful....I saw some that stick out more, for holding more, or a bigger cup size! Probably would not need to leave a tip at the bar! Is it possible, that these could be the next designer item for 2014, and women will be fighting on Black Friday for the 1/2 price PRADA, ones?

Alana said...

hahaha I know!! And I totally agree--I would love to see some high-end designer versions. I'm crossing my fingers for a Chanel Bra Bag in the near future!!

Anonymous said...

This is so perfect! I checked them out and there are so many different styles and prices. I can get a nice one for regular travel, and 1 or 2 for overnight camping, or just to leave an older bra or 2 in and leave in trunk of car, with emergency kit and blankets incase I get stuck 2 hours from home and have to stay at a hotel because of blizzard or ice storm..I can shower, put on clean bra and panties! I think we all have emergency makeup, for touch ups and even hair brushes, mini flat irons, travel size dry shampoo.....THIS IS THE FINAL MISSING LINK! I am so excited.....THANKS

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